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Ghostly Thirteen - 2011 in Review

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Ghostly Thirteen was inspired by the Thursday Thirteen meme. You list thirteen paranormal-related things, for example your top 13 posts (if you have a paranormal blog), mythical creatures, gods, haunted houses, etc... All is welcomed to participate by either leaving a comment or posting on your own blog. Theme is up to you as long as its paranormal related.

My Theme – Most Viewed Posts of 2011

1. Pennhurst State School and Hospital
2. Duckett Grove Castle
3. "Haunted" Swing
4. Haunted Collector Review
5. History of the Ouija Board
6. Hill View Manor
7. Three-Legged Lady Road
8. Reed Homestead
9. USS Olympia
10. Carey Mansion
11. The Legend of Lucy Keyes
12. Kolmanskop
13. The Ada Witch

2011 has been a good year. Can't wait to see what 2012 has to offer!

GS Question of the Week

Do you think aliens have ever been on the moon?


On Christmas Day, most celebrate with presents, stockings and Christmas trees and traditionally believe the naughty kids receive lumps of coal for all the trouble they caused throughout the year. However, there are those who believe Santa Claus turns to a much darker character to dish out the punishment. Krampus is known throughout the world but mostly in Alpine regions like Austria and Hungary as a beast-like creature who enjoys punishing naughty children.

Descriptions of Krampus vary but he is mostly known to be devil-like. He is covered in brown or black hair with cloven hooves, long horns and a pointed tongue. He has also been described as a sinister gentleman in black or a man beast. He is known to swat at bad children with switches and chains and carry them away in baskets and bags.

His origins dates back to pre-Christian Germanic traditions, sharing characteristics with the satyrs of Greek mythology. Despite efforts to rid the world of this creature, Krampus figures continue to find its way in to our culture especially after being paired up with St. Nicholas. Since the 1800s, greeting cards containing humorous rhymes, poems and Krampus looming over naughty children have been exchanged. He is celebrated in Austria, Northern Italy, France, Finland, and other parts of Europe on Krampusnacht. People dress up as devils, wild men and witches and participate in Krampuslauf or Krampus Run. All dressed up carrying torches, they carouse through the streets terrifying both children and adults.

Here in America, Krampus has become apart of our culture. BLAB! Magazine curator Monte Beauchamp reintroduced his to Krampus cards in 2004 with his art books. Since then, a Krampus character has been featured on Adult Swim's The Venture Bros, CW's Supernatural and has made an appearance on The Colbert Report. The G4 channel created a Christmas commercial featuring Krampus in 2003. He has been seen in comics such as Chickenhare and Something Positive. U.S. cities such as Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, California participate in rare Krampusnacht celebrations.

As this evil St. Nicholas sidekick continues to grow in popularity you being to wonder, have you been naughty or nice this holiday season?

Clinton Road

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What elements does a road need to be labeled genuinely creepy? Isolated area? Thick forest on both sides? A dark history? Clinton Road in West Milford, New Jersey certainly would qualify. This ten mile stretch of curves and dips makes you feel like you’re millions of miles from civilization. Clinton Road along with the reservoir and brook received its name from the settlement Clinton, once located where it crosses the brook. The KKK and Satanists have all been known to worship in places near it. The woods next to Clinton Road was also the site of serial killer dumping ground. Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski was a mob hitman who claimed to have murdered over hundreds of people but the one found near Clinton Road led to his 1986 arrest. The legends attached to the road attracts and terrifies all those who attempt to drive on it.

In 1905, a writer warned travelers to avoid the road due to reports of banditry and witchcraft. This was one of the earlier reports but certainly not the last. There are still stories of local cannibals. If you’re driving along the road and come to a fallen tree blocking your path, you must turn around immediately or you will be trapped and eaten.

One of the well known stories is of a boy at Dead Man’s Curve. He supposedly was playing on a bridge nearby and fell to his death on the jagged rocks below. They say his ghost haunts the spot. If you toss a coin over the edge of the bridge, it’ll be tossed back at you. Another report states the little boy tries to push visitors over the railing. Other ghost stories include a girl driving a phantom Camaro. She supposedly died in a fatal car crash in 1988 and if you mention of this story while driving at night, you risk triggering a manifestation. There are also reports of a phantom truck either white or red who chases people off the road. Some people claimed to have seen two park rangers who allegedly died on the job in 1939 while camping.

There are even reports of strange creatures seen on or beside the road. From hellhounds to unidentified hybrids, they are believed to be the survivors of Jungle Habitat, a nearby attraction that has been closed since 1976, who supposedly was responsible for crossbreeding local animals with wild animals. When the animal attraction closed, rumors state a lot of these animals were released into the local woods instead of being transported to another facility. Some claim the infamous Jersey Devil has made an appearance once or twice.

These are but only a handful of eyewitness accounts and stories told about Clinton Road. Does any of them hold a degree of truth? Or is this simply a road with a bad reputation?

Sneak Peek Tuesday: Sanctuary Season Finale


Magnus meets with the captain, whom for the most part has left Magnus and team alone from activities throughout the Sanctuary. Though as she’s escorted through the hangar, she suggests to the captain that things might have to change. As the group walks around the corner, they’re carefully approached by a group of abnormals and the officers quickly draw their weapons. Magnus and a representative confirm that they’re friends of the Sanctuary and that they only wish to speak to the Captain face to face. The officers are ordered to stand down and the Captain is asked for their support for the success of the mission. Tune in to Part 1 of the Season Finale this Friday, December 23 at 10/9c as the team races to prevent the unleashing of a doomsday weapon.

GS Question of the Week

True or False: There are actual reported sightings of the real Santa Clause.


The Chernobyl Power Plant located outside the town of Pripyat, Ukraine (11 miles from the city of Chernobyl) began construction in the 1970s with the first reactor. Over the next few years three more reactors were added and two more were in the middle of construction at the time of the disaster. On April 26, 1986 at 1:23 a.m., the no. 4 reactor was shut down for maintenance. An experiment was being performed to test a safety emergency core cooling feature during the shut down procedure. It's uncertain as to what exact processes led to the explosions but a disruption in regulation seem to be a part of it.

The first explosion was that of steam. Steam from the wrecked channels entered the reactor inner space that caused the destruction of the reactor casing, tearing off and lifting by the force of 2,000 tons the upper plate. This ruptured further fuel channels, the reactor core suffered total water loss and a high positive void coefficient could entirely appear.The second explosions occurred seconds after the first. Some theorized the second explosion was caused by the hydrogen which had been produced either by the overheated steam-zirconium reaction or by the reaction of red-hot graphite with steam that produce hydrogen and oxygen. Others believed it was more nuclear or a thermal explosion of the reactor as a result of the uncontrollable escape of fast neutrons, caused by the complete water loss in the reactor core. Either way it was considered the worst nuclear power plant disaster in history. The fallout released was four times more than the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

The explosions caused a chain reaction. The fire in Reactor 4 burned until May 10th, 1986 before it was finally extinguished thanks to Helicopters dropping sand and lead as well as injecting liquid nitrogen in to it. Radioactive particles were released in to the air. Smoke and wind carried it in to the nearby town as well as across international borders. Most of the radioactive fallout landed in Belarus. Light nuclear rain fell as far as Ireland. Over 336,000 people were evacuated. 600,000 people were exposed to radiation. Two people died in the initial steam explosion, but fifty-six people (47 accident workers and 9 children with thyroid cancer) directly died due to the disaster. There were as many as 4,000 cancer related deaths from those exposed to radiation. The nearby pine forest turned ginger brown and died earning the name "Red Forest". Horses left behind during the evacuation died due to destroyed thyroid glands. Some cattle also died but of those that survived, suffered stunted growth due to thyroid damage. Wild animals in the worst-hit areas either died or stopped reproducing.

After the disaster, all work on reactors 5 and 6 halted. Reactor 4 was sealed off with 660ft of concrete placed between the disaster site and operational buildings. A fire broke out in the turbine building of reactor 2 in 1991. It was declared beyond repair and shut down. Reactor 1 was decommissioned in November 1996 as part of a deal between the Ukrainian government and international organizations such as the IAEA. Then-President Leonid Kuchma personally turned off Reactor 3 in an official ceremony on December 15, 2000, shutting down the plant entirely.

The accident led to alleged governmental cover-ups and ghost towns. Pripyat has become somewhat a wildlife reserve. Most of those who were evacuated never came back. About 400 people were allowed to resettle in the Excursion Zone as along as they never request money or aid if they become ill. Since 2002, tours are provided for all those who want to see the infamous site.

Some believe aliens were involved with the disaster. Witnesses claimed to have seen a UFO hovering above the plant for six hours during the accident. Three years later, a Doctor Gospina stated he saw an "amber-like" object above the plant. A year after that, a reporter photographed an object similar to the one Gospina described hovering above the disaster site.

A creature known as the Black Bird of Chernobyl was also sighted days leading up to the disaster. It is described as a large black, bird like creature or a headless man with a 20 foot wingspan, and red eyes. It has been compared to that of the Mothman in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. This creature has not been seen since the disaster. People experienced horrific nightmares, threatening phone calls and first-hand encounters with the winged-beast. Did they really see an unknown creature or was it something out of nature such as the black stork? We may never know.

The Pripyat, the Chernobyl worker town, is believed to be haunted. People have had the feeling of being watched when walking past the city hospital. Considering it looks like the aftermath of an apocalypse, that feeling may be anything but supernatural. Apparitions and shadows are often seen. Some have even reported being touched. But could the spirits of its victims be roaming the affected areas? We'll find out on Wednesday during the first paranormal investigation of Chernobyl.

GS Question of the Week

What is a Pontianak?

Hanoverville Roadhouse

The main colonial-style structure was built around 1825. The rich soil and abundance of rain in this area of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania made it the perfect spot for a farmhouse. However, perhaps the location made it perfect for a lot of things. In 1837, the building was converted in to a hotel, general store, and post office complete with a stagecoach stop. The business remained very much the same through the Civil War in to the turn of the century.

When the 1930s rolled in, it transformed in to a restaurant, bar and hunting lodge. During the 1960s and 1970s, the building went through some construction. First floor walls were removed. A stage and two bars were built. Canned Heat from Woodstock fame and Tiny Tim both performed at the Roadhouse.

The Hanoverville Roadhouse may be known as a family dining establishment, but is it haunted? Its current owner Charles Oehlbeck believed it to be a possibility, leading to TAPS investigating the building. Most of the activity centers on a little boy. He is described as being around 8 or 10 years of age, dark hair and dark clothing who is often seen weeping. Witnesses have heard odd noises, voices and footsteps. Some have said the Roadhouse also has a bit of poltergeist activity.

TAPS concluded the activity was more “residual” rather than intelligent. Others may or may not agree with that conclusion, but it still leaves us with a question. If a boy truly haunts the Hanoverville Roadhouse, who is he?

Sneak Peek Tuesday - Fact or Faked/Haven/Being Human Teasers


In Fact or Faked, incredible videos continue to surface and the team is hard at work planning bigger experiments. Tune-in to the new season premiering next year to watch as the team is tasked to find out which new set of videos are… fact or faked!


In Haven, we see that Audrey has finally figured out that she’s not who (or what) she thought she was. Check on the all-new teaser and tune-in to the new Season of Haven premiering next year to find out exactly what happened to Audrey. -- Loved the Christmas episode! 


Josh is still dealing with keeping inside that one thing that sets the three roommates apart. Sally has let something into her world that she’s wishing she hadn’t and is after her. Aidan is still balancing being different like the other two, but he’s decided to give dating another try, and you’ll see whether or not he can keep his fangs to himself this time. Season 2 returns Monday, January 16th at 9/8c on Syfy!

GS Question of the Week

What is an Angel board?

Insight Review

Zondervan (April 12, 2011)
Paperback, 224 pages
ISBN: 0310723140
Young Adults – Ages 15 and up

Ordering Information, Barnes & Noble, Christian Books

Some secrets won't let you go. Elvira Witsil lives about as far away from civilization as you can get, in a remote corner of Wisconsin where nothing much ever happens. In a house crowded with her mother, her cantankerous grandmother, and her little sister, Jessie, Elvira feels forgotten and alone. Their house also contains numerous secrets, and Elvira's family holds their secrets closely. Secrets about the father that Jessie never knew, and that Elvira can't forget. Secrets about that day five years ago. And the one secret that Elvira can't quite understand: that Jessie sees things no one else can see. These secrets will lead Elvira and her family on a journey far away from home---on a journey toward redemption and healing---if she can just bring herself to believe.

This is a nice coming-of-age story set in the 1940s during World War II. Well, it is suppose to be set during World War II. However, there are very few clues to remind you of that fact throughout the book. However, it’s rather well paced, making for an easy read.

Insight is the debut novel from Diana Greenwood and is rather Christian heavy. It’s mostly about the inner struggles of Elvira’s relationships with each member of her family as well as her relationship with God. I think the loose ends of her father’s death and her strained relationship with her mother wraps up way too quickly. Throughout most of the book Elvira blamed herself for her father’s death. The majority of interactions with her mother were tense. In one conversation, all that was cleared up. Doesn’t seem very realistic.

Also, I hated the mother throughout most of this book. She is bitter (some of which is directed towards her eldest daughter) for the most part who seduces a preacher to drive her and her family to California and uses her psychic daughter to get money. Then, towards the end, you get whiplash shifting to sympathy. I think if there were more sprinkles of clues concerning her true feelings it would have helped the reader understand her more.

Overall, it's a nice little book for a debut, but there is still room for improvement. I would recommend it for young adults.

The Red Onion Saloon

The founder of Skagway, Alaska, Captain William Moore, began cutting planks of wood in 1897 to construct the Red Onion Saloon. It opened for business in 1898. Visitors were served alcohol on the first floor while the second floor quenched another type of thirst. The brothel consisted ten cubicles, ten foot by ten foot, known as cribs. Each came with three exits and a hole in the floor connected to the cash register with copper tubing. In order to keep track of which girls were busy, the bartender kept ten dolls on the back bar, representing each girl. A customer would choose a girl and her doll was laid on its back to show she was “busy”. It was returned to an upright position after money (usually $5) was sent down the tube.

By 1899, business began to suffer. Most of the ladies moved north to be closer to gold fields and big gaming halls. When the railroad became the center of town, many buildings moved closer to the depot. The Red Onion made its big move from Sixth and State to Broadway in 1914. Only one horse was used to drag it but a miscalculation caused the front and the back of the building to be removed and switched.

During World War II, the building served as U.S. army barracks. It also housed a laundry, bakery, union hall, television station and gift shop. In 1980, Jan Wrentmore reverted it back to its saloon days, turning the second floor in to a brothel museum. Many items on display were found in the brothel.

The most well known resident ghost at the Red Onion Saloon is “Lydia”, one of the former madams. She is often seen watering the plants and likes to slightly push male employees and visitors. However, some believe there may be more than one roaming around the building. There are reports of footsteps on the 2nd floor, the smell of perfume, female voices, shadow, and cold spots.

For more information, visit their website at

Sneak Peek Tuesday - Ghost Hunters/Fact or Faked

In the Ghost Hunters sneak peek, Amy and Adam are investigating the dungeon room of the Morse Mill Hotel, where it is claimed that slaves were chained to the walls. While Amy is trying to figure out the best position to be in the room, Adam feels something touch his elbow but he couldn’t find anything around him that could account for the touch. After an EVP session, they move to another part of the basement to try and engage the ghosts. While standing around and waiting for a sign, Amy feels something touch her elbow, the same side elbow as Adam. Tune in to Ghost Hunters this Wednesday, November 30th at 9/8c to see if they can find answers to what may have touched both members of the team.

In this week’s Fact or Faked sneak peek, Ben, Jael, and Austin are investigating some footage that was shot from inside a cage showing what appears to be a flying witch disappearing outside of the cave. Austin believes that it could have been someone doing parkour(a method of movement focused on moving around obstacles with speed and efficiency) as there is a natural step in the ledge and a sinkhole on the other side of the ledge. The team sets up and executes the stunt but only by watching the episode will you find out if it debunks the footage. Tune-in to an all new episode of Fact or Faked this Wednesday, November 30th at 10/9c to see how close they are at producing the real thing.

GS Question of the Week

How many people committed suicide at Masada in Israel?

Jim Harold’s Campfire: True Ghost Stories Review

New Page Books, September 15, 2011
Paperback, 256 pages
ISBN: 978-1601631947
Ordering Information:, Barnes & Noble

A familiar scenario for ghost stories is a group of people surrounding a campfire. The sun bows down to the moon to create the atmosphere for all that is scary. Jim Harold took stories of ghosts, monsters, and death and turned them in to a nice collection for an outdoor night of spooky fun.

Jim Harold is behind three of the top paranormal podcasts entitled The Paranormal Podcast, Jim Harold’s Campfire and The Paranormal Report. Many listeners graced his shows with their personal accounts. Jim Harold’s Campfire was turned in to Jim Harold’s Campfire: True Ghost Stories.

Writers have a way of embellishing the paranormal to truly paint a portrait of fear. Sometimes when nothing stands between real people and the ghosts they encountered a reader can feel what they felt. See what they saw. Harold stripped away everything and gave us the paranormal reality.

Jim Harold’s Campfire: True Ghost Stories is a nice read for those who enjoy a good ghost story or in need of a kindred spirit. Chances are you might find your own ghostly experience through the words of another person’s tale.

To learn more about Jim Harold and his podcasts, check out his website at

Foster House Restaurant

In 1887, Henry Foster built a cozy home for his wife, Mamie, and seven children in Cumming, Georgia. He was the owner of a general store located on the downtown square. He even served his city as a sheriff for several years. Henry Foster remained in his home until his death in 1901.

I am unsure as to what became of the house after his death. However, Amanda and Jeff Davis took on the task of restoring the former residence in 2003, converting it in to a restaurant. While many stop by for a good meal and the ambiance, some have had the opportunity to witness the unusual.

A couple who stopped by to help the Davises paint saw a male in overalls and a female in a dress dart in to a nearby wall, appearing on the other side. Others have smelled pipe smoke and heard the sweet lullaby of a music box along with various other noises. Jeff Davis even walked in to a room to find a broom standing on its own, absent of any support.

Perhaps the Fosters loved their home so dearly they decided to never leave.

For more information, go to their website at or Facebook page.

Sneak Peek Tuesday: Ghost Hunters/Fact or Faked

This week in an all-new Ghost Hunters, Steve and Tango return to the second floor of a Bourbon distillery warehouse after Adam and Amy had noticed suspicious activity. As the team continues to investigate, they hear loud and deliberate footsteps after asking spirits to make themselves known. As they continue forward, they feel a lot of movement and Steven quickly states he saw something black amongst the shadows. Then suddenly both are attacked and are brought down to the ground. Be sure to watch the clip and tune in at 9/8c on Wednesday to see if a Kentucky boss is managing his bourbon empire from the other side.

In Fact or Faked, we see Ben and Lanisha head into an Old West style building where while on the second floor, Ben thinks he hears floorboards creaking from the floor below. Moments after, Devin asks the team to check out Sadie’s room to see if the light they placed inside the room had been moved as it is now gone missing. Ben and Lanisha approached the completely torn apart light outside of the door to Sadie’s room and verified that the light was indeed the light Devin, himself, had placed inside the room. They decide to start an AVP but only by watching the episode will you know if they succeed in making contact. Tune-in to an all new episode next Wednesday at 10/9c!

GS Question of the Week

In what country is Salzburg Castle located?

Lydia's Bridge

Phantom hitchhiker stories are not uncommon. Most entail someone driving on a road or highway when they come upon a person walking along side, flagging them down for a ride. A kind person might stop to lend a helping hand only to discover the hitchhiker has disappeared. The story of Lydia is no different.

The legend begins in late December 1923 (the 23rd or 31st depending on who you talk to). Lydia was leaving a dance in Raleigh, North Carolina, some say with her date, on her way home. It was raining and she lost control of the car and hit the Southern Railroad Underpass Bridge. In one version, her date died instantly while Lydia attempted to get help and succumbed to her injuries on the side of the road. The other has her dying instantly in the car accident. Is there any truth to the story? It seems there might be.

Back in the 1920s, car accidents weren’t an everyday occurrence as they are today. So, you would think finding records of a girl dying in such a manner would be easy to locate. It seems a person has come across what is believed to be Lydia’s death certificate. It states a Lydia Jane M****** (I know the alleged last name but chose not to publish it here) died December 31, 1923 from “fatal injuries from a motoring accident”. Is it the same Lydia from the legend? It’s unknown but certainly, won’t help to disprove the stories.

Of course, I saved the most interesting part for last. This is a phantom hitchhiker story after all. There have been many reports since 1924 of motorists picking up a young woman in a white dress along US Highway 70. The driver, who is frequently male and alone in the car, spots her walking along the road and stops to help her. She usually gets in to the backseat of the car, gives her name as Lydia and an address to her home. In previous versions, Lydia was riding home with her beau at the time of the accident. However, in some reports, Lydia discusses an argument she had with her beau during the drive. Once the driver arrives at the address, they goes around the car to open her door only to find she has disappeared.

The driver then goes to the door of the house and proceeds to knock in an effort to make sure the young lady is safe inside (sometimes an article of clothing is left in the car waiting to be returned). An elderly woman explains to the person she is Lydia’s mother and when her daughter died. Shows photos of her and goes on to verify the story.

Lydia’s Bridge isn’t a bridge at all. It is actually a culvert covered in vegetation to carry railroad tracks over a dry steam bed and is no longer in use. Many have mistaken (correct me if I’m wrong readers) the nearby bridge known as the “Graffiti Bridge” to be hers. There are several other paranormal accounts associated with the actual Lydia’s Bridge. Some have witnessed a pale woman standing just past the bridge, heard screams and had feelings of being watched.

For more information and photos go to Haunted North Carolina Paranormal Research and Investigations.

Sneak Peek Tuesday - Ghost Hunters/Fact or Faked/Being Human

This week in an all-new Ghost Hunters, Amy and Adam enter a nurses’ wing where there’s been reports of doors slamming and they start to hear knocking. They tip-toe down the hallway and hear it right behind them. Amy quickly says, “Do that again if you’re doing it on purpose.” Seconds later the knocking sounds again! Be sure to watch the clip and tune in at 9/8c on Wednesday to see if the knocking turns into an encounter of the lurking spirit.

In Fact or Faked, the team enters an abandoned building and starts to let a potential ghost named Timmy know that they’re there while and takes pictures. They tell the spirit to move a ball to let them know that the spirit is there and suddenly the ball starts to eerily move slowly across the floor in multiple directions. They leave the ball there in hopes to find more action. Be sure to tune in on Wednesday at 10/9c on Syfy to see if they’re able to find the same amount of activity in other parts of the building!

Josh is still dealing with keeping inside that one thing that sets the three roommates apart. Sally has let something into her world that she’s wishing she hadn’t and is after her. Aidan is still balancing being different like the other two, but he’s decided to give dating another try, and you’ll see whether or not he can keep his fangs to himself this time. The second season premieres January 16th at 9/8c

Teller House

Teller House was built in 1871-72 for brothers Henry and Willard Teller and was known as one of the finest hotels west of the Mississippi River. At the time, Central City, Colorado was one of the world’s largest suppliers of gold due to the local gold mines. The hotel has seen its share of famous visitors including a U.S. president.

In 1873, President Ulysses S. Grant made a trip to Central City to visit with his friend Henry and see his new hotel. To impress the president, mine owners decided to lay solid silver bricks to make a path directly to the entrance of the Teller House. The purpose of this gesture was so President Grant wouldn’t have to dirty his boots upon stepping from his carriage. At the time of his visit, Congress was debating on whether gold or silver should back the dollar. Story goes, upon seeing the silver bars, the president became angry and decided to use the boardwalk instead in order not to show favoritism.

The Teller House is most known for an oil painting. On the wooden floor of the once Teller House bar is a painting of a young woman. Who the woman is and the name of the painter are unknown. However, there are theories.

The most popular one allegedly occurred in 1934 or 1936. Legend states the Central City Opera Association commissioned artist Herndon Davis to do a series of paintings and sketches. He stayed in the Teller House while he was in town. One afternoon, he found himself in a heated argument with the project director, concerning how his work should be executed. This led to Davis being fired. Some say it was a prank. Others say Davis scratched out the painting in a drunken stupor. Whatever the reason or frame of mind he was in, Davis painted the portrait of what was believed to be his wife, Edna Juanita (Cotter) Davis on the barroom floor. He supposedly spent hours working on this masterpiece but yet never signed it. It is believed he never told anyone about it, revealing his secret in his will after his death in 1962.
The second theory is more of a tragic sentiment. A miner was at the bar, distraught over the death of his wife from consumption. He drank himself in a stupor and became sprawled on the floor. He, then, began painting a picture of her, whispering to the painting as if he was having a conversation with his wife. He worked through the night in to the early morning. After he finished, he collapsed on to the painting never to wake again.

This painting has been advertised as the painting from a once famous poem called “The Face on the Barroom Floor” by Hugh Antoine D’Arcy. It’s uncertain whether not the painting was inspiration for the 1877 poem or the poem inspired the painting. Or perhaps neither. Supposedly, the person in the poem was based on someone from New York City (not sure if he was an artist or if he ever painted a portrait on a floor). I find it interesting how details from the poem seem to match up with both stories. Perhaps both legends were spawned from the poem. Who knows.

“The Face on the Barroom Floor” painting is still at the Teller House, well preserved after all these years. Some say you can hear whispering coming from the painting or even a conversation between a man and a woman. Witnesses have also reported seeing a female spirit with blonde hair. She is believed to be the wife of a man who beat her to death in the 1890s.

Teller House was once home to a casino but is now occupied by a couple restaurants to cater to the opera patrons and other visitors.

Sneak Peek Tuesday: Ghost Hunters/Fact or Faked

This week in an all-new Ghost Hunters, the title of the episode alone should give you chills, but the team has plenty up ahead in this thrilling episode. They investigate a prison that doesn’t have claims of being haunted, but they thought it would be a great location to do an EVP reading. As they sit side by side in electric chairs, they try to recount what the victims must have been thinking as they took their last breath. Be sure to watch the clip and tune in at 9/8c on Wednesday to see if they can put themselves of the right mind where they only have a few minutes left to live, just like the 39 that encountered those chairs.

In Fact or Faked, the team is looking to create a bug swarm with massive flood lights shining bright. They have tons of different kinds of bugs to replicate footage they received. Be sure to tune in on Wednesday at 10/9c on Syfy to see if they can get the insects to cooperate and make their own footage as similar as possible!

GS Question of the Week

What is the most haunted city in the world?

Boyington Oak

Charles Boyington was a printer who moved from Connecticut to Mobile, Alabama in 1833. He obtained residence in a local boarding house and soon became friends with a man named Nathaniel Frost. Frost was also a printer who suffered from tuberculosis and bouts of melancholy. The two men would walk to the nearby Church Street cemetery to sit, talk and read poems.

Boyington received an invitation to a ball to be held at the Alabama Hotel. He spent most of his savings on clothes to be worn that night. After arriving, he became infatuated with a young woman named Rose. She was well liked by the gentlemen but Boyington managed to obtain a dance with her. They fell in love. He attended mass each morning at the Catholic Church she attended. A staff member who worked for her father named Lydia would pass notes between them during the service.

While Rose was very much in love with Boyington, her father did not see him as husband material for his daughter. He believed Boyington did not have the money to provide for Rose properly and made it difficult for the two to see one another.

Boyington stopped attending social events to spend hours composing poetry for his beloved. He daydreamed of her so much it cost him his printing job in 1834. He searched for another job but no one was looking to hire a printer, especially one who was known for poor work. No work meant no money. No money meant Rose’s father would never give permission for the couple to be married.

His friend Nathaniel had sympathy for Boyington and offered to pay for his room, board and other expenses until he could obtain employment again. Instead of being grateful, he was humiliated by the offer but learned Frost had money stashed in a chest in his room. Frost relayed to his friend about his wood carving skills. Boyington wanted a heart carved from wood for his sweetheart Rose. Frost offered to teach him how to carve at their usually spot in the cemetery.

Later that day, Boyington returned and handed a package to the owner of the boarding house to be delivered to Rose. He assured her Frost wanted to spend extra time in the cemetery to explain why he hadn’t returned with Boyington. That night, he boarded the James Monroe, which sailed out of Mobile on its way to Montgomery.

The boarding house owner became concerned when she discovered Frost was not in his room the next morning. She notified the Sheriff who found his body in the cemetery. He had been stabbed multiple times. His carving knife was nowhere to be found. There were no other leads. Folks knew Frost spent time with Boyington often in that cemetery. All the circumstantial evidence pointed to Boyington. On May 12, 1834, the town paper printed an article by the mayor, John Stocking, Jr., noting that Charles Boyington was suspected of murdering Nathaniel Frost. A reward of $250 was offered for his capture.

The article was printed on Monday and Boyington’s whereabouts were discovered on the James Monroe by Thursday. He was handcuffed and brought back to the Mobile jail. He proclaimed his innocence until the very end. His trial was in November of 1834. It was short and the jury found him guilty. His sentence was to hang in February of 1835. On the day he was to be put to death, he proclaimed that a great oak would grow from his grave to as a sign of his innocence.

An oak did indeed grow over his grave in Potter’s field, months after he was laid to rest and still stands today outside of the walls of the Church Street Graveyard on the edge of a parking lot. His headstone has since been removed. The tree is believed to be haunted. They say when the wind blows through the tree’s branches you can hear Charles Boyington voice still proclaiming his innocence. Other strange noises have been heard from around the tree. People have found anomalies in photos they took of the tree. Some have even felt cold chills near the tree on hot summer days.

For more information: Mobile's Boyington Oak

Reader Submission - The Ghosts of Palo Duro Canyon

The following story was sent in from Scottish Medieval Romance & Urban Fantasy author Terry Spear:

When I was young, I devoured every ghost story I could, but I’d never come across any real ones. They were strictly fantasy.

Have you ever encountered a ghost in your wanderings? I have...but the first one wasn't the usual human type spirit though.

Here I was, sleeping on a cold night with our Army ROTC cadets on the rocky ground in Palo Duro Canyon. But not sleeping exactly. Everyone else was, but I'm born of the Princess and the Pea blood...which means, anything can bruise me.

So the lumpy, rocky ground kept me awake, the cold, the sounds in the night, the breeze stirring over the cliffs, the thought rattlesnakes, or tarantulas, or scorpions would seek heat would find their way into my sleeping bag, kept me awake. I stared at the sky that stretched forever. The Texas sky does, you know. In other places, mountains and trees and buildings might break up the sky, but not out there. Not in the vast wilderness that was the Panhandle of Texas. The stars sparkled across the dark sky like jewels twinkling in the night. And I was frustrated with myself for not being able to sleep, knowing we had to run up and down the hills in the morning to search for clues on an orienteering course.

Sometime during that night, I finally drifted off, but then heard the sound of horses running, stampeding in our direction. They snorted and whinnied and the sound was frightening.

I recalled deer running through our friends' tent when we camped off an island in our boat in a lake in California. They don't go around, I thought. The horses will run straight through us and trample us to death. I tried to wake my sister who was sleeping in a bag next to me. She grumbled at me to leave her alone and I watched the others in the dark. No one heard the noise but me.

I lay back hoping that the horses would skirt around us. I realized the pounding of hooves didn't shake the ground like it should have. Maybe they were too far away. And then, they moved off in the distance, fading until they were gone. I lay awake for a long time, unable to get over how close we could have been to being trampled, fearing their return. That they'd switch back and come this way again.

And then finally, I was able to sleep and before I knew it, we were sitting at a campfire, cold, achy, having breakfast. I asked about the wild horses. Our cadre said there could be. Sure. But no one had heard anything last night.

Years later, I wanted to write about the wild horses for a magazine, only when I began to research them, I learned others had heard the ghost ponies in the dead of the night. I sat slack-jawed reading the accounts. Ghost ponies? For years, I had believed they were real. The sound of their running, snorts, whinnies were real. It happened.

But they were whispers of the past--of soldiers running Indian ponies off the cliffs in an attempt to keep the gathered tribes from fighting back. Without their horses, the tribes could no longer be mobile. They could no longer mount any campaigns.

The horses were terrified and were driven to their deaths. And now, they live in the canyon forever, a memory of past deeds, a remembrance of their past life.

Because of my love of ghost stories and the wild west, I’ve written A GHOST OF A CHANCE AT LOVE, a ghostly time travel romance set in Salado and Waco, Texas, which you can purchase on Amazon. To learn more about Terry, you can visit her website at

Sneak Peek Tuesday: Ghost Hunters/Fact or Faked/Zombie Apocalypse

This week in an all-new Ghost Hunters, Jason and Grant are investigating with guest star Meredith Vieira (Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?) and they decide they should go down a flight of stairs to get an area where a child was kept. While Jason and Grant’s main concern is connecting with any potential ghosts, Meredith is concerned with the fact that with them being in the basement, someone could lock them in from the upper level. While she is concerned with making sure they have a way out, she also expresses a desire to see the matron that evidently chained her child in the basement. Be sure to watch the clip and tune in at 9/8c on Wednesday to see if Jason and Grant’s mission alongside Meredith provides an encounter.

In Fact or Faked, the team is putting together another project right outside of Area 51 and are discussing sling-loads, where military aircraft use a sling below the craft to transport various resources. They’re trying to see if they can create a sling-load to look similar to what they saw in UFO footage. Be sure to tune in on Wednesday at 10/9c on Syfy to see how real and accurate they can get the sling-load to look like a UFO!

I wanted to start your Friday with a sneak peek clip featuring the upcoming Syfy Original Movie, Zombie Apocalypse, airing Saturday at 9pm ET/PT. In the clip you’ll see that the zombies are even attacking in broad daylight and Henry (Ving Rhames) realizes they’re getting smarter. He has a feeling that he has to constantly look over his shoulder. There’s a good reason to have that feeling as one zombie retreats from attacking, only to quickly find multiple reinforcements. Henry and Cassie decide to run instead of sticking around to fight. Be sure to watch the clip and tune in Saturday to see just how long they can outrun the dead.

Sneak Peek Tuesday - Ghost Hunters/Fact or Faked/Urban Legends

This week in an all-new Ghost Hunters, the team is looking for the actress that killed herself back stage. They continue to explore the Niagra Falls Theater and hear voices all over. They decide it was a male voice and it almost sounded like a conversation. Be sure to watch the clip and tune in at 9/8c to see if they can have their own conversation with the spirits.

In Fact or Faked, the team has designed a UFO made of aluminum discs. The disc is supposed to follow down a zipline and then release toward an explosion. Be sure to tune in on Wednesday at 10/9c on Syfy to see just how elaborate of a set up this took to pull off and it all ends with some fireworks!

In Urban Legends, a lottery official is pretty lucky and gets to give away millions of dollars each day. There is however one draw where they picked a winner that she will never forget. They had over 100 winners and it looked like fraud, and the winners could potentially get away with it. There are 30 times more winners than usual. Be sure to tune in on Monday at 11/10c on Syfy to see how so many people were cashing in.

Sneak Peek Tuesday - Ghost Hunters Live

Ghost Hunters Live – This Halloween

Ghost Hunters Live – Tunnel Whispers - Pennhurst

Ghost Hunters Live – Chasing Noises – Pennhurst

The Sun Inn

Construction began on this 18th century Moravian architecture in 1758. The first guests were welcomed two years later. It was built by the Moravian community for non-Moravian merchants who had business with the community. The Sun Inn was known throughout the American colonies for its gracious service, fine food and wines, and its comfortable rooms.

This Bethlehem, Pennsylvania inn had many notable guests. During the American Revolutionary War, General George and Martha Washington, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, John Hancock among others were guests. In 1777, leading fourteen members of the Continental Congress met at the Sun Inn, signed the order of Protection and stayed the night. Many people fleeing Philadelphia after General Washington’s defeat at the Battle of Brandywine stayed at the inn. During the Fries's Rebellion in 1799, seventeen of Fries's followers were held at the inn and then freed by Fries.

Sun Inn began as a 66ft by 40ft two-story stone structure with a mansard roof and alleged underground tunnels (built in case of hostile Indian attacks) in 1758. In 1826, a third story was added with 17 new rooms and enlarged again in 1866. It was restored in the 1970s and 80s and is now a museum and restaurant.

It is possible this historical inn may be haunted. So much so, it even caught the eyes of Ghost Hunters (and will be featured on a future episode). Hughetta Bender founded the Sun Inn Preservation Association in 1972. Some believe she never left. There have been pictures snapped of an elderly figure wearing a white apron. Hughetta was known to wear a white apron often. A nurse named Elizabeth Moore, who died at the inn in 1897, is also believed to haunt the location. There’s even a legend attached to the structure. Supposedly, a man named Brother Albrecht hit treasure and wine in a secret room. Now, his ghost guards the treasure. Not entirely sure if a secret room has ever been found on the property.

The Lynch House

This story begins with a woman and her husband. During the Civil War, he left his wife, Liza Thompson, to fight in the war. On his way out of town, he left the deed to their house and other important documents with a banker friend. He never came home again.

After suffering such a tragedy, Liza was faced with another problem. The banker who retained the documents for her house also left to fight the war. And, like her husband, was killed. In this tale, two wives grieved for their husbands but it was a house that brought on their own war.

After the banker’s death, his wife came across the deed and other documents to the Thompson home. She decided she wanted it for herself. This began a 13 year court battle between the two widows. In the end, Liza kept her home.

The family that lives in the house now, known as the Lynch House, says it is haunted. Witnesses have seen Liza Thompson dressed in white, standing at the foot of beds and walking the halls of the second floor. She is described as being a good, helpful spirit. They believe she may not be the only spirit in Lynch House. The second one is of a more mischievous nature who likes to hide keys and flicker lights whenever the Civil War is the topic of a conversation.

The Lynch House is a stop on a haunting tour in Leesburg, VA if you’re ever in the area and want to learn more.

Sneak Peek Tuesday: Ghost Hunters/Paranormal Witness

This week in an all-new Ghost Hunters, Jason and Grant are kicking back to try and put themselves in position where there’s been reports of hearing heavy breathing, cold sensations, and having an arm grabbed. They’re trying to affirm the spirit or ghost that everyone still misses him, and that they still remember him. Suddenly they start to feel the cold drafts, and it’s clearly not coming from the vent. Be sure to watch the clip and tune in at 9/8c to see if they are able to speak or feel the ghost of Al.

In Paranormal Witness, the season finale takes us out with a bang, or I guess we should say spook. A man walks into the restroom to wash up for supper as a weird feeling starts to arise within him. He turns to dry his hands on a towel and all at once air starts to leave the room and it’s like he’s been sucked into a vacuum. Next, he starts to feel as if he’s being attacked, but can’t see the pursuer. He looks towards the window and sees an old man that creates chills up and down his spine. Be sure to tune in on Wednesday at 10/9c on Syfy to see if the victim comes face to face with the old man, or if he can get to his family downstairs.

Blood Cemetery

Pine Hill Cemetery in Hollis, New Hampshire has locals to thank for its nickname. “Blood Cemetery” doesn’t derive from bleeding trees or tombstones. It comes from one resident family buried there. Many believe its haunted by a man named Abel Blood. He was buried there in 1867. Several members of his family including his wife Betsy are there as well. But why does Abel Blood supposedly haunt the cemetery?

One rumor states he was connected to the occult. However, those who have researched his story has turned up nothing tying him to the occult. In fact, it relieved he led a very law-abiding, Christian life. Another rumor has his entire family being murdered. Again, research ruled that explanation out. No two members of the Blood family were murdered much less an entire group. They all died different times, places, of natural causes and otherwise. Many of those who have investigated the cemetery don’t even believe Abel Blood is the one who is haunting the area. So, why does his name keep popping up in this legend?

It has to do with his grave marker. Etched in to the stone is an enclosed hand with a single finger pointing towards the heavens. They say at night, when the ghosts come out to play, the finger is seen pointed down towards the ground. There may be a reasonable explanation for such reports but we may never know what it is because the image has since been chipped off the headstone.

Perhaps the answer lies in the land itself. Benjamin Parker Jr. donated the land in 1769. He had to sell his farm and the area needed a place where the dead could rest in peace. Now, nearly three hundred people has been buried in this cemetery. Several grave markers have not survived and succumbed to weatherization. The graves now stand bare. Could this be why it’s haunted?

Maybe it’s a boy who has all the answers. Supposedly, a young boy haunts the Pine Hill Road next to the cemetery. The story associated with his death states he and his whole family were murdered in the 1800s (could some people be mixing this story with that of Abel Blood’s?). It’s believed they were murdered in their home, which was once located near this road. Then buried in the cemetery. Witnesses claimed to have seen the boy attempting to flag down vehicles. Once someone stops to assist him, the child vanishes.

No matter what the cause of this haunting may be, visitors have reported seeing shadows, orbs, strange sounds, tapping, strange anomalies in photographs and trees moving when there is no wind.

If you decide to pay the Blood family a visit, don’t go after dark. The cemetery is officially closed between dusk and dawn. The police heavily patrol the area, especially around Halloween. You’ll likely get arrested and prosecuted for trespassing.

The Shanley Hotel

Located in Napanoch, New York, Thomas Ritch first built the Shanley Hotel in 1845. Six years later, it became the Hungerford’s Hotel. Then, it burned down on March 18, 1895 after a nearby house caught on fire and spread to the hotel, burning it to the foundation. The construction of the new hotel began by September on the same foundation and it reopened in November. Over the years, the hotel switched hands more than 20 times. The one who really put the establishment on the map was James Louis Shanley. He was born on Halloween in 1874 in Ireland and later, moved his family to New York City. Shanley moved upstate for health reasons and purchased the hotel on October 1, 1906.

Shanley was well loved by the community. Upon returning from his honeymoon with his new bride Beatrice Rowley in 1910, the couple was greeted with a grand parade welcoming them back. The Shanleys welcomed everyone and used games, entertainment, parties and special events to attract new guests. In 1908, he added on a bowling alley, billiard room and Barbershop. Attracted such elite guests such as President Franklin D. and Eleanor Roosevelt and Thomas Edison.

While The Shanley Hotel was known for its picturesque location and beauty, it wasn’t without it’s share of blemishes. At some point, it housed a bordello, inviting certain male guests. There was a raid by the police where alcohol was seized. Beatrice gave birth to three children, all of which died within nine months of being born. Her sister, Esther Faughman and husband John lived in an adjoining apartment. She was known to be a beautiful woman with a big heart but lived a quite lonely life. After her death of influenza, she left her daughters to her sister and brother-in-law to raise.

The barber’s 4-year-old daughter Rosanna “Rosie” Grager fell in to the well and drowned in 1911. A 6-year-old boy was hit by a doctor’s car as he backed out of the alley between the hotel and the doctor’s house. He sustained severe head injuries and died in 1915. Over the years, there were several accidental deaths, missing persons and alleged murders that may or may not have been covered up. James Shanley died of a heart attack on August 26th, 1937. Beatrice sold the hotel to Mr. Al Hazen, who coincidentally was born and had died on the same days (different years) as James Shanley, in 1944.

Today, Salvatore and Cynthia Nicosia own the Shanley Hotel, which consists of thirty-five rooms, hand painted floors, antique furniture and one hidden basement area. Many believe the numerous deaths have led to its now haunted status. It is believed to be the home of 30 to 40 spirits, most associated with the Shanleys. A man, fitting James description, wanders around the location in the form of a misty apparition. The cries of a female has been linked to Beatrice, mourning her three children and sister. Witnesses have seen a woman dressed in a beautiful Victorian style gown. Various aromas have been experienced throughout the building including perfume, burning pipe tobacco and food. Many have experienced the sensation of being bound or handcuffed in the “secret room”.

A boy named “Jonathon” is believed to haunt the 3rd floor. Some think he may be the 6-year-old boy who was hit by a doctor’s car. However, witnesses have described the boy spirit as being 11 not 6. Either way, he’s been known to play with toys left in his room. A young woman named Claire has been seen on the 3rd floor as well. She supposedly hung herself but rumors dictate she may have been murdered. Other reports include footsteps, voices, doors opening and shutting, children laughing, cold spots, the sounds of music being played on an unattended piano, ladies’ jewelry being tugged, and the feeling of being watched not to mention various spirits from different time periods have been seen throughout the hotel.

Sneak Peek Tuesday - Ghost Hunters/Paranormal Witness

This week in an all-new Ghost Hunters, Jason along with daughter Haily, visit a house to investigate child ghosts who occasionally bounce balls and are heard walking back and forth on the third floor. Jason allows Haily to take the lead on her first investigation, as he believes that child ghosts are more apt to make contact with younger females. The group just might have thought correctly after Haily hears whispering voices. Be sure to watch the clip and tune in at 9/8c to see if they are able to connect with the young residents.

In Paranormal Witness, we have two sneak peeks for each story within the upcoming episode. In the first, a family talks about odd events that often happen in the upstairs bedroom and hallway at night. The parents experience odd tugging of bed sheets, hear whispers during the night and their closet door is constantly being opened and terrifies their baby boy even after its been tied shut.

Finally, in the second Paranormal Witness sneak peek, the Trumball County police department chases after an unidentified object in the sky but seem to have trouble making out exactly what it is. Terrified over the sightings, one officer finally makes it to the top of an old radio tower and makes a alarming discovery. Be sure to watch the clip and tune in to watch as the breakthrough unfolds. You’ll have to watch the clips and tune in at 10/9c on Syfy to see for yourself.

Teaser Tuesday - Fact or Faked/Being Human

Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files will be premiering it's new season in a couple of weeks, October 19th. In the meantime, here is a little teaser of what viewers can look forward to.

The UK version of Being Human, minus Aidan Turner, is set to premiere it's fourth series sometime next year. I'm assuming January or February since that's when the others started. Personally, I don't think it'll be the same without Mitchell but we'll see what some new and old characters will bring to the show.

The US version of Being Human will premiere it's second season in January 2012. Today, I have a couple of teasers to maybe hold you over until then.

Giving Into Your Inner Monster

Kept the Wolf in the Box

GS Question of the Week

Do you think the paranormal is the new normal?

Carnegie Library of Homestead

The Carnegie Library of Homestead, Pennsylvania is a public library founded by Industrialist Andrew Carnegie in 1896, third one built in the USA and the second given to Steel Valley. This library would serve the workers and families of the nearby Homestead Steel Works as a way to make amends after a deadly battle broke out during the Homestead Strike of 1892 which pitted union workers against private security agents from the Pinkerton company. The building was designed by Pittsburgh architects Frank Alden and Alfred Harlow and constructed by William Miller and Sons with a price tag of $300,000. It not only contained a library holding over 34,000 volumes but also contains a 1,000-seat music hall and an athletic wing with a heated indoor swimming pool.

In early years, the library held class for immigrants preparing for naturalization, and later for women entering the work force. In the 1900s, the library’s football team was composed of many former star Ivy League players and was considered one of the top semi-professional teams in the country. Hall of Famer Rube Waddell played for the baseball team. In the 1920s and 30s, four Olympians trained in the library’s swimming pool, Anna Mae Gorman, Susan Laird, Josephine McKim, and Lenore Kight.

The Carnegie Library of Homestead survived in large part due to the support of USX Corporation, a successor to Andrew Carnegie's own steel venture. When the Homestead Works closed in 1988, the library passed to the community of Munhall, Pennsylvania who was experiencing economic hardships after losing its single-largest employer and tax base. The library remained open and operational thanks to several volunteers who worked to secure grant money. The boiler was replaced, a new slate roof was installed, and new windows replaced the hundred-year-old wooden sashes. While other libraries donated by Andrew Carnegie have either closed or been demolished, Carnegie Library of Homestead has remained operational for over a century and some believe it may be haunted.

The deadly strike in 1892 left 40 wounded and 9 killed on the workers side and 20 shot, seven killed and 300 injured on Pinkerton's side. A man named Robert E. Peebles was found dead in 8 feet of water on November 28, 1899. It was reported he died “under mysterious circumstances”. Could these tragedies be the cause of Carnegie Library’s haunted status? There have been reports of books flying off of shelves, apparitions of former steel workers dressed in dirty clothes, shadow figures and voices (both male and female). Perhaps some steel workers are still fighting to be heard.

Sneak Peek Tuesday: GH/Paranormal Witness/Haven

This week in an all-new Ghost Hunters, the team heads up creaky stairs to a musicians loft within a house that already looks haunted. Evidently there have been reports that a face has been seen floating from the loft. They’re trying to disprove that the floating head could simply be a reflection so they turn on a light. All of a sudden the light turns off on its own. Be sure to watch the clip and tune in at 9/8c to see if they find out how the light turned off, and if the floating head reappears.

In Paranormal Witness, we have two sneak peeks for each story within the upcoming episode. In the first, a girl and her mother are cookind dinner and are simply catching up on their day. All of a sudden they hear loud, heavy footsteps above them. Although they’re startled, they decide to go see what’s making the noises. The mother goes out ahead with her daughter gripping tight to her shirt. You’ll have to watch the clip and tune in at 10/9c on Syfy to see if the mom and daughter had an uninvited visitor in their home, or if there was nothing to worry about.

Finally, in the second Paranormal Witness sneak peek, a mother is putting her baby son down for a morning nap in their new home. She then went to the kitchen to start preparing lunch. She and her husband then hear the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star over the baby monitor, but there is nothing in the baby’s room that could produce that music. The tune goes in and out but the baby isn’t crying so they figure he’s alright, until a dark, sinister voice calls out his nickname and sends the baby boy into shrills. Be sure to watch the clip and tune in to see what was causing harm to this child.

Duke has a run in with the Reverend, and encourages Audrey to step inside the house that they arrive at, so he can deal with his unwanted guest although she can’t see him. Duke warns him that he better not be there to hurt Audrey. The Reverend assures him he has more important things to do, like come back for him. Duke firmly states that he’s not interested, to which the Reverend exclaims, “People followed me when I was alive, think about what they’ll do for me now.” Watch the clip and tune in this Friday at 10/9c on Syfy to see if Duke is able to side-step the efforts of the Reverend, or if more of a fight will need to be put up to keep himself, and maybe others safe!

Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum Review/Interview

Otherworld Publications LLC, May 10, 2011
Paperback, 294 pages
ISBN: 1936593106
Ordering Information:, Smashwords

Zach Kalusky, host of Sci-D TV's Xavier Paranormal Investigators, is ecstatic when he's given the opportunity to explore the most haunted site in Chicago for a Halloween Special: Rosewood Asylum, a place long made off-limits by the local government, plagued by decades of mysterious fires and unexplained events.

It's Zach's dream investigation- but there's a catch: the network forces Xavier Paranormal Investigators to partner with the more dramatic-but less ethical-Demon Hunters. Now, Zach must fight for both his show's integrity and his team's loyalty while trying to protect his own secret: that he, himself, is possessed.

Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum is basically a behind-the-scenes look in to paranormal TV with a few twists and turns. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Ghost Hunters teamed up with Ghost Adventures to investigate a location like Waverly Hills? This book will give you an idea. The story is well drawn out. The characters are likeable and a few that aren't. Anyone who knows anything about the haunted locations understands the history is a part of its allure. In this book, the history behind Rosewood Psychiatric Hospital is like a character on its own.

The only note I have for potential readers of this book is to pay close attention. In some scenes, there's a lot going on. It all has meaning which will get you to the final leg of the race. This is a suspenseful read, ripe for the Halloween season.

5 Questions With Stephen Prosapio

1. What do you consider the best part of being an author?

Easy. When people I don't know connect to my story and enjoy it (…and of course let me and others know about it!). Writing a quality novel is an extremely difficult task. There are many frustrations in today’s publishing world. For a writer, at some point sales figures become less about the money and more about connecting with and expanding your audience of readers who enjoy your work.

2. If Zach and Bryce were to duke it out in a boxing ring, who do you think would walk away with bragging rights?

Zach or Bryce? Well, Zach would likely get pummeled, but at some point, I think Ray would intervene and challenge Bryce to a match. And, inside of one round, beat him to a pulp.

3. If XPI was teamed up with the Ghost Adventures crew, what location do you think they were investigate and would the two teams get along?

Zach meets Zak eh? Funny you should mention the GA crew in particular because I wrote Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum before ever having heard of Zak Bagans or Ghost Adventures. When I saw it for the first time, I was shocked how Zak reminded me of Bryce (this was back in their yelling at spirits days). That said, it’s evident that Zak really believes in what he’s doing, and I think he and Zach Kalusky would connect on that level. One thing’s for sure. The two shows would coexist much better than XPI did with the Demon Hunters.

4. Did you mold the legend behind Rosewood Psychiatric Hospital from any actual haunted hospital/location?

Yes and no. There were a number of shows which investigated actual haunted asylums. One that Paranormal State conducted planted a seed in my mind which eventually germinated into Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum.

5. Can you reveal any spoilers from XPI's next case, Atchison, Kansas?

Other than my writing group, no one else knows this: the book opens with an accident on the Amelia Earhart Bridge with one of the XPI team members getting hurt. I won’t reveal who it is, but I’ll say who it isn’t: Turk. He actually sits this case out, but I’ve been asked to write a short story for an anthology and am considering writing about a road-trip he takes with his Demon Hunter friend Rico.
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